3D printing service with AE12


If you first want to get an impression of our material and its properties, we will gladly send you a free sample. In case you do not have a corresponding Binder Jetting System at your place, we will also be pleased to produce your small series in rapid prototyping on our machine.

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Mechanical properties

Basic material PMMA powder
Binder Methacrylat-base
Tensile strength 30 MPa
Tensile elongation 2,5 %
E-module 1500 MPa
Density 1 g/cm³
Residual porosity < 15%
Temperature resistance 80 °C
Tolerance 0,5 mm + <0,5%
max. part size 850 mm x 450 mm x 480 mm
Layer thickness 150 µm
Wall thickness min. 1mm
3D gedrucktes Bauteil
3D Druck Bauteil
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