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The team behind Additive Elements

Additive Elements specializes in material development for the Binder-Jetting technology. The young company aims to exceed the previous limits of 3D printing and to fully exploit one of the most productive processes in additive manufacturing.

With the PMMA-based material system AE12, it is now possible to produce large parts faster, more cost-efficiently and more productive than before.


Our young and efficient team is the basis of our company. The constant urge to search for innovative solutions and the claim to surpass oneself every day enable us to achieve highest efficiency in research and development.


Satisfied business partners and suppliers are an important part of our network. Through their initiative, reliability and quality, we jointly create values and benefits for our customers.


Additive manufacturing enables new possibilities and improvements in almost all industrial sectors. While we bring our passion for innovation to the most industries, we categorically reject any military use of our developments.

The team

  • Thilo Kramer
    Thilo Kramer Gründer & CEO
  • Bennet Klein
    Bennet Klein Geschäftsführer Vertrieb & Marketing
  • Simon Salowsky
    Simon Salowsky Geschäftsführer Technik & Entwicklung
  • Johannes Günther
    Johannes Günther Forschung & Entwicklung
  • (Deutsch) Patrick Pschierl
    (Deutsch) Patrick Pschierl Vertriebsingenieur
  • Daniel Pietzner
    Daniel Pietzner Produktentwicklung
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