The material system for plastic parts

The material system AE12 was developed by Additive Elements as an experienced 3D printing service provider especially for the Binder Jetting process. It is based on PMMA and gives the finished part properties that were not possible before with alternative manufacturing processes. Compared to manufacturing with SLS, significant cost savings and higher productivity can be reached.

Further details on the mechanical properties and design recommendations can be found in our technical data sheet.

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The profiles of requirements of a plastic are very different. Characteristics such as hardness, elasticity, temperature behaviour and chemical compatibility are typical application requirements. Through the combination of powder and pressure fluid as well as the design of the process, far-reaching changes of the resulting part properties can be achieved in order to realize special applications.

The process


    The model is built as usual on the 3D printer, but the powder is selectively filled with liquid. The model is left in the powder cake.


    The complete assembly of the parts is carried out in a heat chamber, where the model reaches its final strength.


    The model can be removed without special care.


    The model is blasted manually or automatically.


    The model impresses with its good surface, strength and dimensional accuracy.

Mechanical properties

Basic material PMMA powder
Binder Methacrylat-base
Tensile strength 30 MPa
Tensile elongation 2,5 %
E-module 1500 MPa
Density 1 g/cm³
Residual porosity <15 %
Temperature resistance 80 °C
Tolerance 0,5 mm + <0,5 %
max. part size 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Layer thickness 100 μm
Wall thickness min. 1 mm

Comparison AE12 – PA12


5x more productive

100% powder recycling

50% cost savings

no thermal warping


limited part size

high refreshing rate

restricted packing density

high production costs

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