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Do you want to take full advantage of the versatility of the Binder-Jetting process and exceed the previous limits of additive manufacturing?

We have many years of experience in material and process development for industrial 3D printing systems and are constantly working on new material systems. Of course, we will be happy to assist you in all development matters.

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We accompany you through various development phases right up to your final product. First, we check the basic processability of your desired material. In the event of possible implementation, process development is then carried out on a laboratory scale up to series production at your premises. A wide range of printing fluids from universally applicable methacrylate binders and specially developed water-based inks for highly productive piezo printing technology is available. Depending on the raw material and process flow, we have the possibility to adapt our printing fluids to your special requirements.

After a first discussion and the processability study of your material we can already give an estimate of the possibilities and costs of the project.


Do you have questions about our development and consulting services or would you like to talk to us about your latest ideas regarding new materials in additive manufacturing?

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