Binder Jetting

The technology behind our material system

The highly economical Binder-Jetting technology is one of the leading processes in additive manufacturing. With building spaces of up to 8 m³, this technology can be used to implement projects that failed previously due to the limitations of other machines. With a resolution of up to 600 dpi, it is possible to produce models with the highest precision and attention to detail.

The Binder Jetting technology offers many advantages compared to other additive manufacturing processes. The building process itself is basically a cold process and avoids the problems of a thermal process. This means that very large building spaces can be realised and an increased packing density has no influence on the quality of the parts. Scalable print heads enable an extremely economical production of up to 100 l/h. Due to the powder bed based process no support structures are necessary and a high degree of freedom in design and complexity of the parts is guaranteed.

Binder Jetting operating principle



    The model to be built is drawn or scanned using CAD. The data set is separated into fine layers.


    The printer applies new powder and spreads it to a fine layer thickness.


    According to the current cut surface, the powder layer is wetted with liquid, which bonds the powder particles.


    The powder cake is lowered by the thickness of one layer. The printer repeats the Coating-Printing-Lowering steps until the full height of the model is reached.


    The finished model is removed and released by surrounding loose powder.

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