Materialentwicklung für den 3D-Drucker
Wir realisieren Ihre Vision. Für den Labordrucker bis zur industriellen Großanlage.
Entwickeln Sie mit uns Ihr eigenes 3D-Material
Und nutzen Sie alle Vorteile der additiven Produktion.
Experten für den 3D-Druck
Unsere Beratung für Ihr Produkt

New materials for industrial 3D printers

The materials available on the market are not suitable for your application? Additives Elements GmbH has developed 3D printing material according to your specifications!

 New materials open up new business areas. Therefore Element Addititve GmbH has prescribed the advancement of additive manufacturing technologies. We will accompany you from the idea to the start of production.

Innovation – Made in Germany

The flow of your material development

  • Qualification of your material

    The basic workability is checked.

  • Producing a prototype

    A first 3D printed prototype is produced.

  • Development to production stage

    Material and process parameters are optimized up to the production level.

  • Accompanying your production start

    The material system is scaled to your production machine.

New materials for forward-looking technologies